Konica M-Hexanon 28mm f/2.8


The 28mm M-Hexanon, like the its focal length, occupies a strange space that is neither here nor there. I have never had good luck with 28mm lenses, if only because the angle is a little wide to be comfortable for close shots of people and a little narrow for some of the landscapes I shoot.

Only on the verge of selling mine (for lack of use since way back when I had an M8) did I shoot a bunch of tests with an M typ 240. This particular lens had beenĀ recollimated to be at exactly Leica spec (most lenses made before the M8 were not set up to hit the center of a flat sensor).

This piece will not editorialize much but instead show it like it is. Which is quite good, far better than I had remembered.

First, the obligatory “how sharp at a meter” exercise. This is f/2.8.


Next: does it shoot good pictures of children? Yes.


E poi – how is the bokeh? Strangely, it’s actually really good, especially for a wide lens. Here is the sequence f/2.8, 4, 5.6, 8.

Sunstars? Got ’em too. Here is f/2.8-8 (clockwise):

Gross resolving power (again, f/2.8-8):

And now, we laugh at your Elmarit-M!


Flare resistance, same range:

Spherical distortion:


Another test; can’t remember why. Seemed like a good idea at the time.


General verdict:


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6 responses to “Konica M-Hexanon 28mm f/2.8”

  1. albisheridan@gmail.com says :

    Lovely site and great pictures!
    I am looking for information on the Fuji 100mm 3.5 lens for my GL 690. I am trying to disassemble it to clean the glass. I can only remove the rear element. Would you have any information or a service manual?
    Thank you,

  2. Loche says :

    Please advise on how to recollimate a KM lens to Leica spec

  3. B L says :

    I think Konica M lenses are under rated.So far I have standard 50mm F2 which is also a stellar. And looking forward to add 28mm.

  4. halka says :

    “And now, we laugh at your Elmarit-M!” had me in stitches. Thanks for that.

  5. Tom Perry says :

    Great site. Have read it all over the last week.

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