This is a holding area while I work on the main site.


4 responses to “About”

  1. charlie firpo says :

    good luck, many photographers watch your writings

  2. Ulf Hansén says :

    Im about to buy a retina IMac

    Commin!g from PC world , I was googling for coniguration of retina IMac and I landed in your blog.
    I use my computer only förr daily email,reading papers paying bills etc.
    And very light word ,exel etc.
    I havet about 300Gb. Of pictures and just boughgt me a full frame nikon.
    I will start fresh on the new iMac with lightroom cc I havet played around with it on my PC,but nothing I ned to save.
    So its going to be a fresh startup on the mac ,but i dont have a clue how to configure the IMac .
    Its not going to be heavy lightroom or PS work ,bit my photo arkive is growing.
    I read your blog and wonder IF you have a suggestion for me
    Very best regards
    Ulf Hansén

  3. Paul Wilke says :

    thanks for your work !

  4. Joseph Reid says :

    Hi- trying to track down info on repairing a GM670. Do you know anyone who works on them? Or a step-by-step on adjusting the rangefinder? Thanks!

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