What happened to the old site?

Well, a lot of things. Endless hosting service data breaches, for starters. FTP difficulties. Hosting charges.

It was a silly HTML 1.0 site for close on to 17 years, but at some point it needed to be a little easier to manage, be it content or guestbooks. And to put it mildly, some of the content needed updating and editing (since many articles discuss obsolete electronics).

In the next month or two (meaning March/April 2018), I will start posting the archives of the old site’s technical section, possibly linked to this landing page.

The easiest way to find old material as it is added is to follow this site on Twitter. I am going to try to publish the older material on approximately the dates last modified, which will be in the past. So it will show up on Twitter but not in the “recent articles.” Unless, of course, I make a mistake.

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